Regional distribution

Investment scope

South America, South America, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, Taiwan region, the regional product agents, are invited to join!

Joining process

1, product consulting
2, the intention to negotiate distribution
3, apply for the inspection and authentication, distribution
4, the dealer signed a contract
5, the relevant formalities, issued a special sales license
6, the beginning of product distribution activities

Marketing support

1, to provide enterprises and products of all kinds of security related documents or information for agents;
2, the promotion of new products and policy support preferred agents;
3, regular or irregular to provide technical service agents, distribution enterprises and product publicity materials in a timely manner;
4, in the period of tight supply, enjoy preferential purchasing agents;
5, regular or irregular in large international feed exhibitions, enhance the international influence;
6, to carry out international customers to visit the factory, to understand the development of the factory.